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Big Daddy Tazz

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Known as the Bi-Polar Buddha, Tazz turns mundane events into side-splitting stories! Big Daddy Tazz is the act that has no act. His quick wit, improv style, crowd interaction and amazing stage presence bring audiences to their knees in laughter and to their feet with applause and adulation, with no two shows being the same.
His amazing stand up comedy shows have been featured on Just for Laughs, the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC’s “The Debators” and the Comedy Network. He once set a record for the longest stand-up comedy show at 8 ½ hours as a fundraiser for one of the many charities Tazz supports.

Second Wedding Gifts

March 19, 2023

Ever been invited to a second wedding for someone? What do you bring for a gift? Should you bring anything? Our experts have the answers for you.

Guests: Big Daddy Tazz , Dean , Ari , Andrew

Stretching Your Food Budget

Feb. 19, 2023

The price of groceries has gone out of sight! What are people to do? Let our experts give you some bad advice on ways you can take a bite out of your food budget.

Guests: Big Daddy Tazz , Ari , Andrew

Teens and Drugs

Feb. 5, 2023

Talking to your kids about drugs is difficult and this week's experts will give their best advice on how to make the conversation so much worse.

Guests: Big Daddy Tazz , Ari , Andrew

Forgiving a friend

Jan. 29, 2023

A listener asks "How do I forgive my best friend for lying to me?" Our experts have some experience with this and are very happy to provide their really bad advice.

Guests: Big Daddy Tazz , Ari , Andrew

Stress Free Travel

Dec. 25, 2022

Travelling can be very stressful for most people, and our experts offer their worst advice for how you can reach your destination in the calmest ways possible.

Guests: Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

How do I find a good job?

Nov. 6, 2022

This week, our experts give out some really bad career advice.

Guests: Shannon , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

Should I Get Married - Or?

Oct. 16, 2022

Is marriage still the right thing to do for modern couples? Our experts 'ring' in on this topic.

Guests: Shannon , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

Advice on Saving Money

Sept. 25, 2022

Our experts give financial planning advice.

Guests: Shannon , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

I'm sorry?

Sept. 11, 2022

Sometimes you just have to admit you are wrong. Our experts give some suggestions on the 'best' way to apologize.

Teambuilding at the gun range?

Aug. 28, 2022

Our experts provide our listeners with some bang on advice to deal with this workplace gathering

Guests: Íris , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

Maid of Honor

Aug. 7, 2022

Weddings are tough enough, but how do you pick which of your friends to stand beside you at that magic moment. Our experts provide advice on picking the right maid of honor.

Guests: Íris , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

Losing Weight

July 17, 2022

With chronic obesity on the rise, our experts chime in with their weight loss suggestions

Guests: Íris , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari

Who's side is God on?

June 26, 2022

Everyone prays for god to pick their team to win. Our experts look at how god covers the spread and picks a winner.

Guests: Íris , Big Daddy Tazz , Ari