July 31, 2022

The Will Question

The Will Question

No one wants to think about it, but we are all going to die sometime.  Our experts weigh in on end of life planning

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Shannon has been nominated 5 times for a Canadian comedy award. Over the years she has worked with Dana Carvey, Louis C.K., and Robert Klein. You can hear her on Sirius XM: Just for Laughs Canada and Raw dog. She is currently writing and a featured performer on A Little Sketchy TV on NTD. She has also appeared at the Winnipeg Comedy Fest, Club 54 and the host of Mondo taboo 2.

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Lee Bells is a high school educator, improv comedian and avid disc golfer. He has entertained audiences for over 30 years in the comedy duo Don't Mind Us Comedy. While not an expert in any given field, Lee is ready to give advice to anyone about anything based on his life experiences and his tendency to give advice to anyone about anything. Lee has a wonderful wife, four children and lives in small town Saskatchewan.

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Ari isn’t just the host, he’s the producer as well. He’s been dabbling in comedy for over 30 years, starting out running an improv company, then a comedy room.
Gifted with 100’s of hamsters running in his brain at any time, you sometimes just have to strap in and enjoy the comedy ride.