Oct. 30, 2022

Language of Love

Language of Love

What is more exotic than a foreign tongue? Our experts share with you their ideas on the languages of love.

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Laura was born to tell stories. Whether as a dancer/aerialist with Tokyo Disney, a playwright and performer for the new Canadian musical, Every Silver Lining, or her solo show, LESBIHONEST, a teacher at the Toronto District School Board, or as a comédienne in Footloose with Just for Laughs, Laura’s unstoppable passion in life lies in telling people all sorts of eccentric stories, whether they want to hear them or not.

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Iris is in the podcaster protection program, and her true identity cannot be shown.

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Ari isn’t just the host, he’s the producer as well. He’s been dabbling in comedy for over 30 years, starting out running an improv company, then a comedy room.
Gifted with 100’s of hamsters running in his brain at any time, you sometimes just have to strap in and enjoy the comedy ride.