Dec. 18, 2022

Holiday Celebrations Without Offending Anyone

Holiday Celebrations Without Offending Anyone
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As the world gets more and more diverse, navigating the holidays can be a challenge. Our experts weigh in with their advice on celebrating safely.

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Long considered Canada’s most controversial touring comedian, Darren Frost, whose style of comedy has been described as having “the quality of a satanic revival meeting” and “among the most daring comedians in Canada” by The Toronto Star. Darren is also the only comedian to release a comedy box set online containing over 40 hrs of content. For three years he was the host of the Canadian Comedy Award nominated XM radio show Anything Goes.

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Guest Bad Advice Giver

Lee Bells is a high school educator, improv comedian and avid disc golfer. He has entertained audiences for over 30 years in the comedy duo Don't Mind Us Comedy. While not an expert in any given field, Lee is ready to give advice to anyone about anything based on his life experiences and his tendency to give advice to anyone about anything. Lee has a wonderful wife, four children and lives in small town Saskatchewan.